This man is the BEST cab driver I have had in the city!! I had to go to O'Hare for an early morning flight, and he was at my apartment quickly and was so nice!! If there is a bonus program or something like that, he should get a raise!! I tipped him almost 50%. More drivers should be such a great person like him!
I watched one of your drivers protect a pedestrian struggling across Western, maybe at Berteau or Warner (no walk light). He/she, driving southbound, stopped close to the man and turned on his flashers, alerting cars behind him, until the man had made it to the west side. It made me all the more glad that I have relied on Flash Cab when I needed a ride! Great drivers!
Diane C.
Hands down, the BEST cab driver I have ridden with in any city! - cab#: 3450TX. Easy on the gas and brakes, polite and chatty but not intrusive. If only every cab driver was so amazing!
I would like to commened the excellent driver of Flash Taxi (Taxi Cab 1819) for returing my cell phone to me 20 minutes after I lost it. He is such an honest person and I will always be a loyal customer as a result of Flash Driver 1819. Thank you for the best service in Chicago!!!
Our driver was fantastic. He was extremely friendly and personable. Having taken many cabs in Chicago, he is by far my favorite driver in the past 5 years. Kudos.
Tina F.
I was running late for my meeting. Mirlan was extremely knowledgeable about the fastest route to take. Thanks to him, We avoided the traffic and I got to my meeting on time, without breaking any laws. Knowledgeable and safe drivers like Mirlan are extremely hard to find in Chicago, and he will be the reason that i will pick Flash Cab for my next ride if he is not available.
Alper A.
This cab driver was exceptional. He delivered me to my destination in a safe a timely manner. He didn't sacrifice traffic laws for the fare. He was courteous without being overwhelming and he was more than accepting about my unfortunate use of credit card. This should be expected of all drivers. But this driver diplys an extra gift. Thought you should know. Thanks caabbie!
Amber B.
Very neat and clean cab and very nice and calm driver. This diver should be the the king of good drivers in Chicago. Thankyou, Flash. Thankyou, 2229.
Fethi B.
I just wanted to say thank you for everything!! Next time I am planning to be in the Chicago area, you'll be the first taxi company that I'll call.
Chad H.
Wanted to let you know that the lady who drives cab #4810 is one of the BEST cab drivers I've ever had. She is polite, friendly and knew all of the side streets around my home. She is a true professional! Thank you!
Syed was a wonderful driver. Sometimes late night cabbies drive like maniacs, trying to drop us off as fast as they can so they can get another fare. Syed drove at a normal speed, changed lanes safely and obeyed all traffic laws. Thanks for being a responsible and courteous driver!
Melanie R.
I was surprised at how fast I got to my destination. I'm using you guys again when ever I need a ride. Driver was friendly and the fare was reasonable.
Carlos O.
My driver this morning, David Torres, provided excellent and prompt service - very professional! Two thumbs up! Will recommend Flash Cab to friends!
Lauren P.
Christine or Christy answered the phone and took my information and the time I wanted to be picked up. She was very helpful and had a friendly voice which made me comfortable to talk and explain my situation. The driver (sorry I forgot to get his name) was very friendly and nice and I really felt safe riding with him. Thank you for having employees that make visitors feel safe in an area far away from their hometown. I'm from Hawaii and first time to your beautiful state. Mahalo!!
LaVerne P.
... All the nurses were very complimentary of the service your taxi company provides; "Great Service."
I was extremely pleased the first time we used your taxi service - exceptionally clean and a very courteous driver.
Service is terrific
Always on time, great service!
The taxis are really nice, and the drivers are so courteous.
Diana – EFOORA
Very dependable and courteous
The service has been excellent.
I want to thank the driver of Cab #816 for his thoughtfulness in returning my Day Planner to me at United Airlines World Headquarters on Wednesday, February 17th.
Shortly after exiting Cab #816 at O'Hare Airport on the afternoon of February 17, I realized I left my Day Planner in the cab. After a quick phone call before boarding my flight to London, I was notified that the driver of #816 had been contacted and my Day Planner would be returned to my home office. It is reassuring to know 303 Cab employs drivers like the gentleman that day in Cab #816.
Peter Kreiser – Director, Cargo Marketing - UNITED AIRLINES
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